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Securing Ice Anchors for Pop Up Hut w Heavy Slush Layer


Hello everyone,

Pic for attention.

First season for me on the hard water. I've learned a lot, caught some fish and have fully caught the bug. One of my favorite things has been finding mods along the way to make things easier for me.

Yesterday I was out on a lake after a week of warmer weather/rain. I noticed that my ice anchors weren't finding any grab when i drilled them in to secure my pop up hut. I realized i had about 8-10" of recently frozen slush on the top of the ice and my anchors weren't making it to the hard stuff. My solution was to auger down 6-8" so that i could get my screws into the ice. This sucked as the hole filled up with water making it a cold install and removal of the screws with my fingers in water.

Has anyone come across extra long ice anchors that i could purchase in these events (i haven't in my google searches)? As I am using a drill, the extra length wouldn't really slow me down when normal conditions exist, but would give me more room for these slushy conditions. If not, has anyone found a solution here (maybe long lag bolts with washers)?

Thanks again,

A shallow hole and the ice angel style anchors might be an option to try. A little less playing in the water maybe. They could end up froze in so I'd bring a rubber mallet if you went that route

AT Grimaldi:
Here's an idea that I have found works well.  Cut 4 x 18" sections of 2c3 or 2x4.  Frill a 1/2" hole in the center all the way through the wood.  Pre tie your cord through the wood with a bowline.

When you set up your shanty, drill 4 holes about 2' or so from the base of the shanty.  Then, push a 2x4 down the hole and pull up on it after the whole thing is under the ice.  Tie off your shanty and you're gtg.


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