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Bait shops near deep creek

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See Jim at the Bassin Box in Lavale.

SNOOPERS in Oakland is the place to go.  It's about a 12min drive south from McHenry, but well worth it.  Frankly, this place will be MY PLACE TO GO anytime I need live bait.  After seeing Crappie-addict's post, I decided to give them a shot.  Well,  I was pleasantly surprised.  They really meet alll the needs of the ice fishing community. I went it for a a quick 5min stop to get a few shiners, but ended up spending about 20mins there speaking with Hank about the ice fishing hobby.  I was able to give him a showing of my JACK TRAPS, talk about Deep Creek and other fishing locations in the area.  They open up around 6am on the weekends and WHAT REALLY SURPRISED ME, they will deliver bait to you on the lake where you are fishing. I've ice fished all of New England and MD, and for a shop to deliver bait to a lake it not heard of.  I didn't ask, but I assume there's a minimum bait order for them to deliver.  Also I'd say you would probably have to meet them at the nearest shoreline location to your fishing location.  Their prices will beat all others in MD for shiners. 


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