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RE: First Freeze warning and Deep Creek Snow

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just received my first freeze warning for the fall/winter season in North/Central MD... and..... forecasted snow showers @ deep creek.  Oh hell yah brotha!...... Not long now..... FLAG!

You think we will have ice by mid January?         
Temps are starting to look better for ice. ;D

That is a really good question.  I feel like this winters weather is similar to last regarding temps.  I looked back at a official weather station that's 1/4mile from my house in central MD and it's very close to last year.  So unless Deep Creek is drastically different, I feel late Jan/Early Feb will be feasible.

I was on the ice on new years last year

Looking at the weather forecast, we should have some ice by the end of next week ;D  Keeping my fingers crossed.


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