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the force:
Lol yeah I hear ya, laker territory is a little different than the back yard trout pond. Im going next weekend, fingers crossed the weather and pressure are good!

The lakes have been severly flooded and I have not got out for lake trout yet.  89" of snow to date.  Right now I have 12" of water in 15 inches of snow.  Gumboots are only 14" high.  No cold temps forecast for a week.

Ok the camera works great on sunny days with the camera inside a hut.  You can't see it well enough out in the sun.  I didn't spend much time with it because I was too busy catching pea mouth chub.  40 in 2 hours.  lost another 40.  The eagles will eat well.  They don't mind the 500 bones in the peamouth chub.  They swallow the small ones whole.  Caught 3 rainbows but threw 1 back.  Had the other 2 for supper.
My method of cooking is too take the head,guts and tail off.  Fry the rest of the fish till it is almost fully cooked, then take 2 forks and peel the fillet off the back bone.  Flip it over and peel the other side off the back bone.  Most of the bones stay with the skeleton.  Then add S&P and a little bbq sauce and devour.  Enjoy.


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