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Took a drive this evening to Cunningham Falls State Park to check the ice.... First... it's my name sake.... second.... extremely sketchy due to the snow.... Found an overturned 4 door Jeep Wrangler about 100ft before the handicap parking area and a 3 axle Washington County plow truck that slid down the road that broke through a guardrail and stone wall... roads were horrible...... All that being said the lake was about 50% frozen... the area around the main creek still open but around the dam and boat ramp were frozen up.  I'd say another week those two areas might be safe...... as long as the rain holds off and the temps get colder..... TIGHT LINES for everyone.

Thanks for the report and the risk it sounds like you took to make it. Fingers crossed

Ok... I decided to make another Cunningham Falls State Park trip a few days after I saw it during the last snow storm.... DISCLAMER... I knew the ice wasn't safe....
So I drove there (2/5/21) without my fishing gear BUT with my STRIKER ice suit / flotatiion included.... just to see what the conditions were.... I knew I was going to fall through the ice, just didn't know when. I wasn't concerned. I fell through about 5ft from shore... in 6' of water.... My toes never got wet...  I walked on water as soon as it happened. Again I was prepared with my PFD, rope/picks and striker suit(built in flotation).... dont do what I did... I was testing myself rescue and my self rescue technics....

That being said, I never condone anyone walking out on un-safe ice conditions.... BE PREPARED..... have a PFD, an ice suit with built in flotation like the Striker Ice Suit, Ice picks and s rope... Again I knew I was going through the ice and knew I'd self rescue....

I'll be in Deep Creek next weekend and hopefully more eastern lakes after that.

Everyone stay safe and practice/think about rescue plans to stay safe ALL SEASON LONG

Anybody know what the ice conditions are like?


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