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Hey guys, my name is Calvin. I am a student at the University of British Columbia in Kelowna. I grew up in Nebraska (United States) and enjoy ice fishing. However I have not been able to connect with any other students here in Kelowna that are into ice fishing. Anyone interested in going fishing? I didn't bring my equipment with me, but am willing to purchase some if anyone is willing to show me where to catch some perch.  I have watched some videos about Swan Lake at Vernon. Any information about ice conditions on Swan?

the force:
Swan or Shannon in west Kelowna are the easy access ones. Iím from Kamloops so canít really take you out but the way this weather is I would just pack a rod and go find a couple old holes that you can fish out of.  Not quite the answer your looking for but itís a starting point. May as well get out and enjoy the warm weather.


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