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 As of today(1/29) the south end coves and Cherry cove near the state park have good ice.
 Main lake at the state park is still open water.     Good thing is it keeps the snow machines away.
It's been cold and windy so ice thickness should be increasing.

Thanks for the update! I will try to make it out Sat/Sun this weekend. Will probably end up at cherry cove unless the area around glendale bridge catches a few inches of ice. In the teens tonight with low 20s the next few days. Should produce some good ice until the rain takes it away :'(. Maybe see some of ya'll out there. Good luck

After looking at the GIS survey for Garret County/Deep Creek lake there seems to be very little shore access anywhere around Deep Creek.  How does one go about accessing areas/coves with ice without trespassing? A few years back I entered the lake at the state park walked about the ice to the opposite shoreline and walked along the exposed shoreline to an area I felt good about.  I've noticed a few areas to access near streams entering Deep Creek.  Any heads up would be helpful.  I'm looking at renting a place along the lake to help me gain access that way, but that could get costly if I end up coming out from Frederick a few times.  Are there any neighbors on the lake that dont mind if you access the ice from their property?

Old School:
Shore access for ice fishing DCL has been a perennial problem. Best bet is to park along shoreline roads without housing between shore & road. Problems are deep snow, snowing while you're fishing resulting in getting snowed in by the snowplows, and getting towed if you block traffic or snow plows. Consider fishing McHenry Cove for relatively easy access. Extreme cold forecast for early next week means entire lake should be fishable.

Old school,  thanks for the reply.  Parking to avoid driveways is a no brainer.  The snowplow part I didn't really think about.  Never heard of anyone getting towed from parking on the side of a roadway because they blocked a snowplow.  I guess that makes sense unless it's not snowing.  I have a 4x4 truck with a winch, so even if I get plowed in, I'm able to get myself out of just about all/most situations.   Cant wait for the subzero temps....


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