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Hello All,

Im planning a solo trip to deep creek lake this weekend if weather allows it. Ill probably park at the state park and set up just south of there near the glendale bridge. Ive never fished DCL before and was curious if anyone had any suggestions or tips for walleye and pike fishing there. I was planning on fishing the bottom between 10'-30' with tip ups and a jig rod. Appreciate any help! Good luck out there!


The State Park and around the bridge was open water as of Sunday 1/24.  Wind was keeping it open.  The forecast does not look conducive to trusting that ice yet this weekend.  I'd go farther south on the lake. 

Thanks for the heads up. If that does fail and I have to search around for a different spot is there any easy access to some of the locked up portions in the south?

This season is like last season.... warm... HOWEVER, I'm heading to deep creek in the next two weeks, was thinking about next Wed-Friday, but perhaps the following Wed-Fri... and because it's a 3hr drive from Frederick MD, I'm going to do something I've never done before... rent a hotel room.  This will give me two early AM mornings worth of fishing and perhaps two afternoons of fishing.  My only problem will be bait fish for my tip ups... I've seen there is a place near Swanson for bait... Will certainly call ahead of time to make sure they have some available.  If not I'll have to travel to Baltimore the day before to get my bait... not looking forward to that..... But knowing that the season is going to be short and COVID is preventing me from traveling north to New England (MA + ME)  this is the next best thing..... Wish there are better choices for hotels in WV so I could venture out there for the hard stuff. 

Best of luck to everyone...

Take a slight detour to Hyndman Pa to POOR BOBS bait shop. Awesome baitshop in a not so great location but he's there till 7pm in the evenings not sure about morning. Give him a call he'd probably work with you

Poor Bob's
1319 Hyndman Rd
Hyndman, PA, 15545


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