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live bait source near Deep Creek Lake for 2021

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Poor Bobs bait and tackle  (opened til7pm)
1319 Hyndman Rd
Hyndman, PA, 15545

Does anyone have an update on bait sources for 2022 ?
 Ice time should be here soon.

Snoopers Heaven (haven?) in Oakland. They’re listed as a discount/general store but he’s got a nice selection of fishing stuff in the back right corner (some ice fishing gear too) and minnows/other bait

Did they buy out deep creek outfitters? I seem to recall they closed due to Covid

Trust me when I say this.... SNOOPERS in Oakland is the place to go for live bait. They have it all and OPEN earlier than all others in the area.  AND THEY DELIVER to the lake if you run out or need more bait.  It's a win win.....


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