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Where has all the ice fishers gone?

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Big change on the site this year,is it cause no ice or the Covid thing?I had sold all my ice fishing gear by last Christmas. Someone got a good deal on that. Stuff. Not only were the rods lucky but they were a steal. Well I sort of miss fishing hard water and miss the derby, but donít miss the cold. Itís nice to sit by the fireplace on those double digit temperature days. To those avid ice fishers tight lines and Happy New Year. Be safe

I'm not in BC, but it seems a lot of places don't get the ice they used to, especially farther south. I'm in IL, in what I would call marginal ice territory along the very southern edge of the ice belt, and it has trended more and more toward marginal over the past 10 years.

We still get a good year once in a while (2019 was a great season around here) but a lot of years it is "if" we get ice, not "when" we get ice now. I wouldn't be surprised if getting fishable ice became the exception instead of the rule in the next 20 years or so.

Thunder Fish:
Like magic the ice is here in the south Cariboo,hopefully the board starts to fill up

Brandon, Ian and I carried the board the last few years.
I have moved on.  GOC is where I'm at.  later

Ya definately some changes compared to the old days when we would post up threads every weekend with stories of fishing adventures on the hard water. I dont post much for pix on social media much anymore. Traffic has gotten lets say busy at some lakes where often when you post up pictures of fish people are dying to find out where you are fishing and some places where use to be noone fishing has a busy parking lot.
So the editing of pictures happened for awhile then to next to no postings..  just me tho, others can continue..
-dont think the most hardcore ice fishers in BC arent getting out tho    ;) ;)


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