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Ice rods are put away for the season


Well the short rods got put away and the long rods got taken out of hibernation. This winter seemed to have been a real long one- 6 months been hard water fishing.. Much longer then the previous few years..
Hopefully everyone was able to get out and chase some awesome fish.. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

So many fun times and heres a few random pix of some of the fun had this hardwater season:

Hopefully everyone had an awesome winter of fishing. Its sad to see winter gone as wanted to head into so many destinations exploring and fishing and they will have to wait till another season. But its good the warm spring air is here and can get out on to new adventures wherever they may lead..    :icefish: :icefish:

Man Ian, you sure know where to go and what you're doing! I always enjoy your posts, have a great summer and Lord willing, we'll hear from you again this coming winter!

Awesome! The ice in my area went out mid March, one of the shorter seasons for me.

Good to get out as much as ya can. This winter we had ice for like 6 months. Longest in quite awhile.. Its ok to give the lil ice rods a break once and awhile   :)


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