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Edith Lake Bows and Brookies


So what do you think about weather patterns and Ice fishing? How was your Season this year 19/20???

Ice fishing in different weather patterns can sometimes leave you fishless or with limits. Predicting that can sometimes help you when to go fishing and when to stay at home. Although the only way you're ever going to catch anything is by getting out there and getting your hook in the water. Although in this video I do share some tips from my experience it does not always hold true. Even though the trout were moving in this video and feeding they were biting super light. Could barely feel the take. Not typical on an incoming storm front which usually makes them more aggressive from my experience. I still got into several fish on a mid lake structure and marked many more that did not comit.

Changing presentation will also help if you are having trouble hooking up. Sometimes matching the bite can be very helpful with encouraging fish to take a better swipe at the lure. If you are missing strikes then downsize your presentation. If you aren't seeing any fish then upsize your presentation. Changing presentations just takes a few minutes but can make a big difference in your success rate. Never underestimate the power of a quick change during the day.


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