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I lied


Caught by betterhalf.

 Nice fish 👍

Take that corona virus hehe..
Nice work. -16c rite now here- anyone around here that makes it out still has month of ice fo sho left.

She out fished me again.  A 26 inch lake trout.  I can't be holding my tongue right or something.  Open water 500 yards away.  Water temp 34.4 degrees F.  Big lakes open up first around here. 

A week ago I watched a bust happen.  Two 12 inch sheets of ice pressing together so hard is stood a 3 foot section vertical and shattered 100's of feet of ice where the two met.  The crack was loud.  1st time I have seen something like this in the 50 years of fishing.  2nd time in five years the lake froze enough to go ice fishing.


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