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Waiting for safe ice


So far winter has been unkind to ice fishers in this area. Still waiting for safe ice, but getting restless. If anyone can post when there is safe ice in western MD (DCL, Piney Res, Rocky Gap), it would be greatly appreciated. I've been checking the cameras and saw that things were starting to freeze, and found that encouraging. Unfortunately, I live far enough away that I have to rely on info from others as to ice conditions before venturing out. I was able to make it out west several times last year and has a decent season. I am not optimistic that there will be any safe ice closer to home this season (Frederick Co) so I'm hoping to be fishing out west again this year. Thanks.


I live West of you, and most of the lakes around me are no longer safe. You might need to venture North. Good luck!

Thanks FlamDragger.  That's something we've been thinking of doing.  We hunt up in Northern PA and are considering a trip up to fish.  They're fishing up there this week with ice conditions varying from lake to lake. Some having sketchy ice and some with good ice though.  Unfortunately, I don't think I 'm able to head up this weekend, maybe next week.  Gonna just continue to monitor things and hope that some cold weather moves in and hangs around. Forecast isn't promising, however. Take care.



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