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Shappell 3000 replacement covers

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Shappell has replacement covers available for their shanty's,I have the black canvas that is more expensive then the gray.The cost is 125.00 and they send new molding withh it and also a special stapler that requires a 35.00 deposit which is refunded when you send it back in a self addressed box with postage that is supplied from Shappell.Just thought I would pass this on to everyone in case you didn't know.  

Do they have them for the 2000 and 4000 models?

Yes I believe they do,I'm at work now but when I get up on Sunday I'll post their phone number so you can call them.They are very helpfull there and I'm in the process of installing mine now.

You can buy a brand NEW Shappell 3000 for $179, from mcsports online, 20 for shipping. Sometimes Shipping is free.

   On the chance anyone is intereseted (or knows anyone who is) I have just upgraded to a 4000DX and need to sell my barely used S3000..I`ll let it go very reasonable.Let me know if anyone is interested...FISH HARD> me at [email protected]


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