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Went out to Blaire's Valley today to check ice conditions and try out my new shack (well sorta new, had it last the two seasons, but no ice :(). The wind was blowing just enough that I was glad to have it. Ice was 4-5" clear and HARD. There was a light dusting of snow on the ice and it seems someone had already checked it out and had cut a few holes. Didn't hang out for long as I didn't bring any waxworms and the fish were picky. Tried my best to get them on artificial but only coaxed two small crappies and about five small bluegills. Marked lots of fish though. Going out to DCL next Saturday.

couldn't find wax worms in Hagerstown any ideas

Williamsport Hardware and Tackle 301-223-8018. I haven't tied lately. You may want to call. I have run up to Ft. Loudon a few times, Keystone Country store.

Some of the pet stores also have wax warms. 

Pet smart carries them. They are over with the lizards


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