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--- Quote from: FirstCast on Dec 15, 2017, 07:57 PM ---we have hardly any snow and temps barley get below freezing ice has been on the local lakes but could be real wet the past week next week supposed to be -10 to -14 that should set the ice up good to go. Are you in the 2018 derby this year. Didn't see you much last year competition too much for ya. LOL. Merry xmas drifter and happy new year. Tight lines

--- End quote ---

Been busy with my cabin the last couple of years.
Haven't had much time for fishing. Been entered into the tourney just in case I get time though.
Hopefully this year. Need to regain my pike title!!! ;D ;D ;D

Great video,Sure miss that fellow its been awhile but will always be remembered. Good luck in the derby. would like to see that pike on the ice drifter.Tight lines


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