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7x8 shanty build

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I spent the weekend building a 7x8 shanty. Got most of it done on Saturday but then spent 4 hours Sunday morning in the hospital getting my eye flushed. Note to self - wear your safety glasses for EVERY cut, not just most of them. Sunday afternoon we finished framing and started insulating. Still a bit of insulating left to do (I'm using R6 rigid insulation), decide where the holes go, and a bit of door hardware/door handle, maybe a couple hours work for next weekend.

Anyway, my goal was something that could fish 4, sleep 2, with room for a table and woodstove, and fit on the back of a truck. The shanty is a truck camper style, 7x8, with minimal framing, just enough to hold the plywood together. It's glued and screwed and surprisingly solid. The floor was built with (3) 4x4 treated timbers with 1/8" puckboard on the bottom and a sheet of 5/8 treated plywood on top. Everything else was built with (10) sheets of 3/8" spruce plywood with (17) 2x2's for framing and a 2x4 ridge beam. Weight is estimated at about 475-500 pounds, it slides on the shop floor quite easily by hand and I can lift the end up to shove blocking underneath.

I'm hoping to find a base and post for an RV style table that I can drop down for a bed at the back end, as well as adding a folding extension to one bench for another bed on the side. Also undecided on what to put on the roof, maybe metal?

Here's a rendering of the design as well as a few pics of the progress.

Sweet looking shack !! keep us in the loop we love shack porn  ;D. oh yeah safety glasses definately been down that road a couple times

Sweet shack!  I love the "Musroom" design, it really makes great use of the floor space.  I built mine 6' wide because I had a few ft wide pieces of ply laying around.  Looking back 7ft may have been better to lay down sideways for sleeping. It turns out 6ft wide was better for my trailer anyway I guess, it just overhangs the side rail of the trailer just a bit and looks like it is supposed to be there, 7ft would have stuck out and made more wind resistance.  Do you plan to paint the outside or maybe varnish it?  I had a stack of left over metal roofing to use on mine but if I didn't have it already I would have coated the plywood in clear woodglue and laid camouflage bed sheets in the wet glue, let it dry, then helmsman that sucker.... BOOM. Last forever!  Great built keep the pics coming! P.S. I did the same thing to my eye during my build....One cut without safety's and that was it....

I picked up a can of Thompsons Timber Oil Water seal in Walnut color. Should look really good and give it a bit of protection from the elements.

Also today I picked up a Coleman 40 watt solar panel with controller for less than $100!! I threw a couple 12v LED light fixtures in the cart and a roll of wire so my lighting needs should be taken care of, just need to grab a 12v fuse panel. The 12v deep cycle battery for my trolling motor has found a new winter home in my shack.

I have use cabot Australian timber oil b4 and had great results. It looks great topped with some helmsman..  I built a picnic table out of regular pine lumber ten years ago with two coats of helmsman it still looks great!  Sweet deal you got on that solar panel and controller! 


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