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--- Quote from: TheCrappieFisherman on Nov 10, 2017, 01:03 PM ---Huh. Has anyone been able to tell you anything?  I have seen Evan active on another site recently if you can't get a hold of him...

--- End quote ---
not sure if evan is even with polarbird anymore.ive tried contacting all the email/numbers I was giving.i was chatting almost daily last year then nothing..

Hey fellas, I have notified Polar Bird about the site issue. Note that Nicolay is no longer with them. The new contact Igor, said site will be fixed soon and to use the email on website [email protected] to contact them with any questions.

just a update my pro staff code does work still. if anybody wants 10% off a polarbird for info.maybe I should put my polarbird badge on

PolarBird lives !   Yeehaw !      :thumbsup: :clap:



                              GONE FOR THE DURATION OF THE ICE SEASON!!! :%$#!: :cookoo: :blink: :unsure: :wacko:


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