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herring/cisco tips


hey all back after a brief hiatus.....

Lately been fishing herring in Lake Huron.  Most suspended, often right under ice, action fast and  furious at times.  seem to do best on long slender light flutter lures that emulate smelts. All the fish we catch are full of smelts.  one had a small alewife in it. (which ive never seen before locally for years and years)
Often times, when deep, they are finicky. 
mooselooks, nipigon spoons, and small sweedish pimples seem to be the medicine.  with a small pea-sized piece of white or red rubber cut from twister tail rubber on one hook, to give a small defined target to the fish.
Any other suggestions?


When I lived in Ontario and fished Simcoe I caught the bulk of my lake herring/ciscoes on pin head shiners on a balance tipup.   ;)2


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