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Big Swedish pimples

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New to whitie fishing, I heard of people using big, like #7 Swedish pimples for whitefish. I fish in 60-90ft of water and most of the whitefish are 3-5 pounds. Are they actually hitting the pimple or getting snagged?

They hit it.
The same goes for the Williams ice spoons in that size.

I have also caught them on Bad Boyz jigs tipped with a 3" shiner!!
That bait is 5" long!!!

They do hit the size 7 swedish pimples but i never had much luck with those. I've had much better luck with the size 2, 3, or 4. The #2's are a pain to get down in 90 feet of water though especially in the current.

How do you work a big pimple like this?

cousin eddie:
If you are getting a lot of lookers on the big spoons, but still need the big spoons for attraction and to fight the current, try a slider rig.  Lots of videos on youtube if you aren't familiar with the rig.


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