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Josephs Prairie:
Okay, who (where) is going to have the first ice near them? Must be a lake not a pond, and be a usual fishing area.
You guys up north will probably be the first but it will be cool to see how the province freezes over as it gets colder.
We have been dipping down to freezing a few nights but not enough to freeze more than a dog dish of water.

Hey Joseph do you watch any hockey?

Josephs Prairie:
Not this year, with the players out.
What are the chances of you having first ice in your neck of BC?

Heh JP. Hope you had a good summer. No ice on the big lakes or even the small lakes here in Prince George area. I do have a favorite half lake, half pond that is up a mountain that has 3 inches of ice. Buddies were up last weekend and gave me the report. They caught 5 rainbows each 2-4lbs. I'm off to Ontario for our families annual deer hunt. Back on the 18th and am hopeing to get on some local small lakes when I get back. Did hit   -17 C on Oct 22, but lately it has warmed up to -7 to -5 at night  then 0 in day :( so my fingers are crossed till I return.

oh alright then i was just wondering if you watched the kootenay ice at all, i know some guys that play on the team.


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