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Ice fishing tag-along Jan 7 to 9, 2010


Season's greetings,

I'm new to ice fishing as of last year and I've got a golden opportunity to go to visit Yellowknife with a buddy in the New Year. 

I was searching for a ice fishing guide which departs from town but all the ice fishing packages I could find require a short plane ride to a more remote location and cost ~900CAN.

Do you guys know of a local guide from Yellowknife?  I only have a day or two off and I just want to land a gigantic pike from Great Slave Lake (a minor request  ;D).  I don't mind paying for a guide who has all the necessary gear but I'd prefer to depart from town.

If some of you guys are heading out Jan 7 to 9 and don't mind a couple of easy-going guys joining you, I'd much rather pay one of the forum members for a quick tour.  Since I'll be flying in from Edmonton, I won't have my gear with you, and ideally you'd be able to provide us with some spare gear.


Try these guys out, they are on the North Arm of Great Slave and do ice fishing.
I believe they depart from Yellowknife down the highway and transfer to a snow cat for the trip to the lodge.
I'm sure they can do something for you.

I really don't know of any other outfits that run locally.

P.S. Trout Rock Lodge produces giant Pike every year.
A couple of springs ago they caught a 53 incher there!!!    :woot:

Thanks for the info.  Much appreciated!


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