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Hey Drifter where in Mississauga are you from? I grew up in what they used to call Lakeview/Lynnwood. Oh hell Port Credit area but I did my high school time at Cawthra and one semester at Graydon. That goes back a while as I'm 46. We only moved west going on 7 years back. I'm having issues of this area though and really miss icefishing. I spent a ton of time trout fishing the Nottawasaga. Hell my Cairn Terrier we got out here is named Hockley and my dads ashes are in that valley.
Just showed my wife the your post. We both love your adventure.

Spent most of my time growing up in Credit Woodlands area. Went to Springfield Public School and High School was Woodlands. Moved to Erin Mills for a while and then to The Dixie Mall area. A short 5 minute drive from my place to the boat launch.  ;D I caught my first steelhead in the Credit 30 years ago in the falling rock hole, when it was a hole. Chased steelies from Shelter Valley to the Notty to the Niagara, NY, PA, Ohio.

So you saw Mississauga grow nuts just like myself. Growing up you would have been very close to open fields just north of there. It grew from this great little place of towns to one big sprawl. I'm a landscaper and have been self employed since 88 so I made money but still hated the growth. Will always love Ontario but i could never live in built up Southern Ontario again.
You must feel like your in paradise now. It must be hard to not catch fish.

When I grew up in Credit Woodlands there was a beautiful field right across the street from me. It connected with the river valley up near the falling rock hole. Sadly they decided to put up Public Housing and in moved the drunks, dealers and other low lifes. It ruined the whole area.   :%$#!: :%$#!: :cookoo: :cookoo: :nono: :nono:


--- Quote from: icevader on Jan 30, 2009, 12:07 PM ---I once spent a winter in the bush about 60 miles south of Churchill. Your story brings back vividly the memories of that frozen wilderness. One of the aspects of that winter I will never forget was waking up with a full bladder, laying there, trying to muster the courage to do what had to be done... in forty below temps!

That was a part of the trip I did not like, but, for some odd reason, I will never forget.

Life is different in the far north. Makes you appreciate the ammenities we have here all the more.

Given a chance, however, I' would go back tomorrow. Say goodbye to the "Civilized" world.

Fish on man. Fish on. 

--- End quote ---

I winter camp every year, -25 is my personal coldest. A solution to a full bladder is a urinal, not to bad on the rainy nights too.


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