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Man that is BS. How could they not give him the record. Just because he's using a shorter rod. That makes the fish harder to land, not easier. I mean what the hell? ??? ??? ???


Catfish through the ice are a blast ! I've found they tend to suspend and after hitting go for the bottom. They fight as hard as anything and what a sight to see it coming thru the hole. Here's one that gave a tussle :

LoneWolf,  Nice cat!  When I was in MN my brother & I would jig for eye's-n-cats on the Mississippi near Bass Camp, the old norskis on the ice would call it "yerkin"  :D



Thanks Grizz. This one was suspended about 10 foot off bottom in 38 fow ... right below a feeding school of wipers. After catching several wipers I wondered what was below them. It was a nice surprise and he faught harder than the wipers !


Nice one, we got em here also. but difficult to find and catch.  :tipup:


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