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--- Quote from: Lobes on Jan 27, 2005, 08:10 PM ---A guy from work showed me the picture of his 14 lb. plus cat he caught his panfish jigging rod on 2 lb. line. I asked him if he entered it as a master angler (he said he did) and he said he tried to submit it as a world record on 2 lb. line. He was turned down flat because they told him he was using too SHORT of a rod to qualify even though that made the catch much more difficult.
Sometimes things like this just blow me away !!!

--- End quote ---

IGFA has a ton of rules and i noticed the rod length rule and new it would be a bummer if i catch a world record burbot in the winter for the IGFA...anyhow in my opinion the IGFA dosen't hold genuine world records it just holds club records

Cats are a great time on the ice. I'm waiting for the current chanel to get some ice to fish. Last year the best day was just under 70 fish, with the biggest at 10 lbs. Most of them are about 2 to 3 lbs but a great time.


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