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I love catching catfish through the ice, and if  you get into them you usually get a lot. I would like to here some success stories from anyone who reads this.

I've caught up to about 15 in a day, they usually average about three lbs/each

i would love to catch a channel cat thru the ice. i've never seen one caught up here. its not like the anglers disappear. our best summer day was 43 cats (the two smallest at 12 and 18lbs-most in the 25lb and up. our last 12 fish were all over 30lbs with 36lb the largest)  :P :P :P--will be posting pics on (wanna see some pics) as soon as i can. grump

Hey Grumpymoe, I caught one last year through the ice and it was the biggest thing I have ever seen come through the ice. It looked like the ice was giving birth ;D I caught it in Miss. Bay. It weighed in over 25 pounds cause the digital scale went off at that!I was screaming for help cause I had a hell of a time hauling that thing in and sqeezing it through a 10in hole. My friends thought that I was crying wolf because they sent me out to that lonliest tipup thinking it was a bait trip, thinking that they thought I was messing with them. Too their surprise 8) I would like to try for more of those guys or just catch him again ;)

I think I need to fish with you! ;D

A guy from work showed me the picture of his 14 lb. plus cat he caught his panfish jigging rod on 2 lb. line. I asked him if he entered it as a master angler (he said he did) and he said he tried to submit it as a world record on 2 lb. line. He was turned down flat because they told him he was using too SHORT of a rod to qualify even though that made the catch much more difficult.
Sometimes things like this just blow me away !!!


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