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Is glow needed for shallow water fishing?

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I use glow in any depth. I've had pretty good success in both fresh and salt water.

Just adds another way to attract the fish. Some days they don't care, other days they are all over it.

Not all glow is created equal, I have had some that really sucked and had some that were brighter and held the glow longer.

But to answer your question, it is not needed. Just good to have.

It sort of depends on how stained the lake water is for me.  Heavy color stained, definitely bright glow works better for me.  Semi stain, the red glow is my choice, it's a softer glow.  Semi clear, no glow needed, I have better luck with non glow.  Even with glow, I don't charge it.


 I use glow in crystal clear water , lot depends on the body of water as they donít all fish the same


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