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Is glow needed for shallow water fishing?

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Most of my spots are 12 feet or less deep…..does glow make a difference for shallow panfishing

or is it pretty much doesn’t matter. or not needed

eg for 1” plastics like ratsos

hardwater diehard:
I fish in very similar conditions and usually keep it to natural colors at first . My lake is pretty clear but the more tools you have in the tool box the better ..pan fish want what they want when they want it ..from color,, sound glow..  UV.. size and profile  also do not forget jigging cadence. You may be able to dial in on your local lake and adjust for conditions once the bite stops/changes . All that being said once the nighttime bite starts I have a glow tied on ..I fish high to pick off the most aggressive fish ..that is not always the biggest fish though.

i always have one rod with glow on it day or night.  night ill have three rods with glow plastics/jigheads on.  not magic every day but i have seen glow steal the show many times in daytime too.  glow green bobby garland baby shads are apparently hard for pans to resist.  ;D

Ramp 23:
Glow out fishes non glow as soon as the sun hits the trees where I fish . Almost always I’m in 16 FOW or less.

IMHO depth of water is not something I use to determine whether or not I will use a glow jig.
When I was out the other day fishing in eight and a half feet of water glow really seem to make a difference even at midday.
After charging my jig on my lure lightning I seemed to get more action.
Certainly in the mornings and evenings glow is going to be a bigger factor.
But glow can sometimes be a major factor even at midday.


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