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Saw a lone ice angler stretching the season on Sacheen In Pend Oreille County, WA yesterday, Saturday March 21st, 2020.  Probably will fall through if he keeps it up.

Lots of people, mostly Boy Scout, activity on the lake.  Perch are plentiful, but smaller overall, 8inch was biggest.  I caught a nice trout about 17 inches and one lone crappie.  Dragged a tent and flip and we had fun. Ice was about a 6 inch base with a layer of water and snow on top or just bare hard ice.

Fished Sacheen on Sat Jan 29 and landed 27 nice sized perch and another couple dozen small perch which I kept for bait and garden fertilizer.  That way no overpopulation of small perch.  Ice was two feet thick and seven cars in the parking lot when I left at noon.  About 3 inches of wet snow fell while I was there.  If it gets cold up there this weekend should be good until mid- March.  Avoid inlet stream to the left of launch access.

Fished Sacheen today March 7th.  Even though daytime temps have been in the high 40s and low 50s the ice is still thick and solid on Sacheen and likely to hold through next weekend as low temps in the teens are forecast for mid-week.   Caught a few dozen larger male perch with a lot of meat on them.  One big crappie of 13 inches and about a dozen bait sized perch which I kept and several nice sized female perch.  Fished at sunrise to about noon.  I was the only one fishing as it was Monday and late in the season.  Ice still 20 Plus inches and still good access at ramp but edges starting to give way on either size.  I walked around a lot too, and I would only be concerned and avoid the inlet stream to the left of the ramp which is running harder with the warmer temps.


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