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--- Quote from: Eastbranch on Jan 26, 2016, 01:41 PM ---Its not noel. Hes on the rye. I know what one youre talking about im not sure it has a name. Ill go look it up and get back to you. Most likely were grayling. Pipeline made it but you drilled it crooked i guess lol the well filled with water and we're back on the propane propane

--- End quote ---

I was not apart of the drilling team ,just a mechanic that came in to repair  a rental  engine .
After I left ,they desided to fill the engine up with fuel after I showed them the tank was at the back not under the engine where the remote oil sump guessed it ,they filled the engine with fuel. Band new V12 engine .
They bought me a new engine a week later .

I did catch a grayling on the lake . They had an ice hut built on the lake with a flood light to keep the hole open to pump water out . 


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