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Looking for a name of a lake in Inuvik.
About 15 years ago I  was working on a rig that was drilling for gas for the town of Inuvik.
I remember driving on the ice road north for maybe 15 -30 min.
then maybe a mile off the river to the camp and rig.
We had a small lake200 yards from camp where they got water from and in the water pump house they had a hole with a light to keep water hole open. the water man and I pulled out to fish that looked like female grayling but black in colour.
any one know the name of this lake or what kind of fish they were .
did that pipe line get to town ,or are you still bring in propane
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Whitefish Slayer:
Noel lake?

Pipeline made it

Thanks for the name......have you ever fished it .  What kind of fish are in that lake?

Its not noel. Hes on the rye. I know what one youre talking about im not sure it has a name. Ill go look it up and get back to you. Most likely were grayling. Pipeline made it but you drilled it crooked i guess lol the well filled with water and we're back on the propane propane

Look familiar? If so, it's an upper part of the peter lake/wolverine creek system. Likely has all kinds of fish.


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