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Anyone been out?


How are all my NWT homies making out so far this winter.
I'm sweating my jibblies off in Ontario!!!   ::)

I have been enjoying the sweltering weather up here as well. I go out fishing on Thursday and got a nice 5 pound pike and a few good size pickerel.

Whitefish Slayer:
Now that the sun is back were back in it. Hitting it in the am

About 18" on the lakes around Whitehorse this Christmas.  Not getting out much b/c of family commitments, but fun when I do.  The new shelter and big buddy have been great together, seen down to about -25.

Fishing has been slow when I've gone, but it's still great to get out, and a couple of nice fish have hit the ice, and some smaller ones for the pan, I ain't complaining!

BTW Drifter, my company has an office in Yellowknife.  I'll be planning on looking you up if I get a chance to come over!


Fer sure Gorf!!!
I should look you up on my travels through Whitehorse in the fall.
I spend 6 weeks chasing trout and salmon in Alaska in Sept-Oct most years. :)

I still haven't made it out yet this winter.
Just got back from visiting family in Ontario.
Going to drill some holes this weekend though. :D


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