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Good evening,
Retired old guy Rapid City area. Been fishing for awhile respecting the wife's wishes. Not comfortable with me fishin alone and I really don't like it any more as well. Looking for a fishin buddy. have a two seat old clam drk green Shields logo Sheridan lk  Orman or where ever. Giggs

Welcome to the Ice Shanty 22knat. You can't talk the wife into going on the ice with you either I see! And I even offered to buy mine a pink ice suit and still no deal! If I get over within the next few weeks maybe we could meet up. Where do you fish most often?

- wyoutdoors  :tipup:

Looking for any purpose ice fishing info for the waubay area.  Will be visiting sometime later January if have any advice for us?


wyoutdoors thanks looking forward to some fishin didn't get out last year because of some health issues.  I usually fish perch on Sheridan lake just because my favorite spots are a short drag. But go to Orman when the eyes are biting. night or day when some one is with me. Let me know.


I used to fish Orman a little bit. Then really fell in love with Pactola Reservoir. Last season I'd drive right by Orman to get to Pac, but would certainly enjoy meeting up with you on my days off or between workdays with you at Orman. You near Belle?

- wyoutdoors  :tipup:


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