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Ice Fishing Shows in NY & MN. your invited !!

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We'd like to formally invite all of our membership to attend the Syracuse, New York and St Paul, Minnesota Ice Fishing Shows. This is a very exciting time for us and hope we can meet many of our members at these two shows . We are planning on having some Mods from Ice Shanty .Com at the shows and have high hopes for even having more get together's and such in the near future . See you there !!!!!!

I will be at our booth in the St. Paul show all three days, make sure you all stop by. :)

 I will be at our booth in Syracuse for this event....hope to see a lot of our NY members stopping by.


I've been organizing a group of 8-9 to go on the 6th to the St Paul show...looking forward to it...maybe there will be a deal on a new Jiffy for me :)

Oh lord, groups of sconnies crossing the border!!! :o


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