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First member to reply and fill in the blanks for all 6 question marks correctly wins two packs of Weed Ez!

Each Weed’Ez pack includes ? individual ? inch plant clusters, which consist of ? attached “stalks.”

Constructed of a tough ? material that won’t absorb ?, Weed’Ez are tear resistant, even in the icy conditions of winter.

Weed Ez pack away quick and comes with its own ? storage bag.


Each Weed'Ez pack includes four individual 60-inch plant clusters, which consist of three attached "stalks." A float on top of each Weed'Ez keeps it floating upright, while a clip at the base lets the user attach a sinker for keeping the artificial plant anchored to bottom. Constructed of a tough synthetic material that won't absorb water, Weed'Ez are tear resistant, even in the icy conditions of winter. When not in use, Weed'Ez fold up and fit into an included mesh storage bag, not much larger than a paperback novel, and light as a feather. Retailing for $19.99, Weed'Ez are portable and affordable fish attractors.

duck doctor:
Each Weed'Ez Pack includes:
· 4 individual 5-foot tall Weed-Ez “stalks”

· Float, line clip and sinker clip for anchoring to bottom (weights not included)

· Tough tear-resistant material
· Mesh storage bag

tear resistent
water mesh storage

DAng it I was so closer. you guys are fast


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