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Icegator Launches New Website !

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              Icegator has a new website . I like the new look . well done guys and thanks for your continued support of!

Scotty, did you see the new 12v model you can hook to any 12v battery? by taking the batteries out and putting a 12v hook up box and cables for battery, you lose over 10#'s. This Model is designed for the permanent shack, but obviously can be used in all situations. Without having similar electric augers to compare, I would imagine the Icegater is superior in cutting speed.
Anyway, I have seen the new site and the color and graphics really pop. :o I can't wait to wrap my hands around the icegater again and rip through some ice. The speed and efficiency is unparalleled.


Posts like this make me crazy.  Just when I thought I had my mind made up! 

Those new gators look pretty nice!

very intresting

I've asked this before but has anyone tried a 10" auger on one.  I know the company says to only use an 8" but was wondering if
it would work on a 10" auger.


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