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Jan Rain?

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Wow, getting quite a bit last night and this morning. Thinking with the less than stellar 10 day forecast with very few lows under 20 some areas might be screwed. weather channel goes out to the 17th with no cold snap in site. Hope that forecast is wrong.

Was hoping to get out this week, was just up fishing in Wisconsin with 5 inches of ice the other day. Thinking the Des Moines area may not be an option for weeks :(

Uppervalley Kid:
Having the same issue out east. This weather is no bueno.

Had 1" of rain in my gauge here in Boone. I think the hwy 20 area in NW and central Iowa will still be good for the most part but the hwy 30 area is going to be real spotty. I'm off all week so I'm going to plan on scouting some areas and see how safe the ice is

Fished Brushy yesterday and the ice was just fine. No change from the weekend from what I saw. Just got back from fishing the Jay Carlson pits by Boone and the shore is very inconsistent out to 15ft from the bank. Once you got past the slushy weak ice, it was fine for the most part. Anywhere from 3-8". I'd still use a spud bar as it's not a consistent thickness throughout


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