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Headed to Prairie Rose on saturday.  Anyone seen if there is any ice there yet? Might be about another 10 days but im hoping there is some ice there saturday that may work. If not, probably head north to Blackhawk.

I too am considering trip to Blackhawk on Saturday. Waiting to see if another friend of mine can go with me-and hoping the rain coming tomorrow and on Wed doesn't ruin the ice completely before the hard cold spell sets in on Thursday! Gotta love the Polar vortex sinking southward in December!

Won't be hard finding ice starting Xmas weekend!

Not thinking there will be ice this Saturday. Everything around the CB area is wide open small ponds included. Next weekend you would probably have a decent shot though. 

Nope. wasnt ready. should be good by this weekend though!! Looking forward to it. The snow thats coming will not be great but should be okay. Just play it smart out there and stick to where other people are fishing. This is as of this past saturday.......


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