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A good read printed today (11/30/22) in the Gillette News Record

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In Japan they are a delicacy. Thinking about people who would release fish back then it would make some scene I guess. I tried cooking them once but forgot to take the mud vein out. Can't bring myself to try again. In some places in the south they eat carp. I would think if done well it would be OK. 

Sorry that this is way off topic but...  Carp- if you enjoy eating pickled pike, try carp with the same recipe.  You will not know the difference.  It is excellent.  Also, it is very good smoked. 

Carp is very much a sought-after food fish in Europe & Asia.  They laugh at us because we see it as the lowest of the trash fish.  I have eaten pickled and smoked sucker and found it to be excellent eating and suspect that carp would be so as well.  Pickling or pressure canning carp meat would completely eliminate the overabundance of bones associated with carp.


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