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A good read printed today (11/30/22) in the Gillette News Record

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 >:( Not a good way of attempting to manage a fishery or economical way. I don't like the killing off of a lake because of some sectors of people or management deam some species are detrimental to a particular waters. It will take a long time to bring back this lake. Wouldn't netting work to thin out some of the "undesirables"?  ::)

I read that yesterday.
 Pretty interesting.
 So all you guys only want to fish for is trout??
 I know it was loaded with suckers and they had to go but sounds like it was a good fishery?   

I've never fished there it's like 200 miles through the mountains for me. GF caters to trout and trout fishing. The "tradition" is strong in parts of the state. I honestly don't know what folks in that part of the state want. Around the east side we preferer warmer water species.

I would have loved to see the perch take off, but from what I heard it was FULL of suckers. Like people catching 10 suckers and a stocker trout in a trip. Something had to be done if we wanted it to be a sport fishery. I guess this is the best option over a sucker derby. ;) . You can bet Ill be fishing it for tiger trout in a few years though!


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