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Good Morning everyone! New here and figured I'd introduce myself. My name is Jake and I'm from Central IA. Primarily an open water bass angler but I got the ice fishing bug 2 years ago and haven't looked back! I spend a lot of time at Brushy and do a few trips to Clear Lake as well. I primarily target Crappie, Gills, and Perch but was never able to find them at Brushy last year.

On a side note, does anyone think we will have safe ice up around the Clear Lake area by Thanksgiving? The forecast has me hopeful with the lows getting to single digits by the end of this week.

Fry Flier:
Welcome to Iceshanty.
Modified the reply did not see that you were already in the Iowa bad.

hardwater diehard:
Welcome...You should add your location to your profile>>>Forum Profile... county and state ..helps with your area weather conditions that you may experience as well as general inquires ...locations of retailers ...bait shops  .. audience participation is encouraged .

Welcome to the site..


 Welcome to The site


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