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Shack man Shoney:
Hey guys, planning on heading up to the Waubay area next week on 2/17. I have been checking the South Dakota pages here and they are SUPER tight lipped with any information.  Im planning on calling sportsmans Cove to try and get an ice report at a minimum but I thought it might be worth asking here on the Iowa board since I know people from central Iowa make the journey... Staying on the South side of Blue Dog, any help/advice is appreciated. TITE LINES- Shoney

There have been lots of people out on blue dog. Haven’t heard how the fishing been there. We were up a few weeks ago and Bitter was slow for us. We did awesome on Stink up by Eden but they were smaller perch. 8-10”. The guides know where the perch are and eyes are at in Bitter. When the sno bears show up at the cleaning shack coming from Bitter, they sure got it figured out.

Shack man Shoney:
Thanks for the information, I got a ice report from Sportsmans and we will just need to figure it out from there. It's my first trip to the area and its a last minute trip so Im just wanting any general information that may be helpful. Heading up Thursday and I got 3 days to get something going.  Since this is such a last minute trip we are finding guides pretty much booked up. Thanks again.

Like any fishing report by the time you hear about it it's too late.   But here is what I can tell you, Fished Waubay 3 weeks ago and did very well on perch and walleye on the east side of the island back in the bay away from the crowds. perch were mostly 10-11 inches with a few 13 inchers mixed in. Walleyes were mostly 17-19 inches had one that measured 25, but it went back down the hole. 4 guys limited out 2 days in a row. My guess is others have figured out that area also or the fish have moved on to a different area, its worth a try IMO.

Shack man Shoney:
Thanks for the info, its week of now so the weather looks favorable for fishing but we are just hoping the "measurable amount of snow" holds off for the drive up... Always an adventure. Thanks Guys and as always tite lines!!!



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