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Items for First Aid

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What do you keep in your first aid kit on the ice besides sutures, bandaides and tissues to wipe away the tears when the trophy breaks your line.
I keep an extra set of needles and thread in case I need to sew up my hand like I had to do in 07'. Damn musky got me. And the bourbon.

Hemostats (hanging off the tackle box too) alcohol wipes, scissors, narrow and wide gauze roll, eye drops,
padded tongue depressor, ace bandage, syringes, small bottle of hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, vaseline, hard candy. (for a diabetic )

Musky munched my buddy's thumb ball. Right thru the muscle, had to have surgery. Unreal.

My nissan frontier came with a huge first aid kit buckled in the back.i have used quite a few bandaids out of it already.

Coffee and snacks

I keep a generic $20 kit in my pickup but have created my own first aid kit for my dog. Gauze doesn't work well on fur lol.


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