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Fished 3.5-5 in Mills county today. Caught one bass. Sure was nice to get out.


--- Quote from: kpmswi on Dec 07, 2018, 11:15 PM ---Does it count as ice fishing if I'm sitting in a boat?

Found about 2-3 inches of ice.  Caught 3 bass 15-17 inches at a farm pond North of Red Oak Ia.

--- End quote ---
Did you cut a hole? Then yes!
Keep it safe! JDL

Was able to get out on ice this afternoon and fish a pond south of Glenwood. We had 3-5" inches. Caught several nice bass (3-4 were 3lbs and one was approaching what we think was 6lbs. It measured 24 3/4 inches and she was fat! Caught (there were 3 of us) about 25-30 crappies ranging from 6-11" and a few decent gills. We also caught one large catfish (was really cool to see big fish fight in clear water under clear ice!)
Lures used:  CJ and spins gold slender spoon, acme rattle bait, buckshot spoon, Tungsten jigs with maki plastics, CJ & spins red wedgie plastic,
we fished from 10:30-2:30pm (bite noticeably slowed down about 12:30pm)
pond was a shallow one (deepest water is 7ft) so we stayed in that 5-7ft range and one guy with us knew were some sunken brush was, so we fished nearby it.

we heard that a few people may have been on Mile Hill Lake west of Glenwood today, but we can't confirm that.
nice day to be out and fish on hard water!

Sunday afternoon from 3:30-5:30 found 4" of ice and caught 1 catfish, 3 bass and 12 nice bluegills with one going over a pound at a farm pond North of Red Oak

Nice haul Kpmswi, I also slammed some really nice bluegills on Sunday afternoon at a small public lake.  All released though.  It's awesome to be getting out this early!


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