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Curious to see if anyone has stopped and checked any ponds in SWI this week. Few ponds north of Glenwood are finally capped.

not sure about official ice conditions, but I did call Vicki this morning at Woods' Bait Shop in Council Bluffs about ice around area. She said Manawa is capped, but unfortunately snow-covered (with the 8-10 inches of snow we had in area last Sunday). Ice under snow is 1-2" but at this time, not safe. Big Lake in CBluffs (they put trout in that lake in late November) had 3-5" and people were on it.

I was thinking about venturing out somewhere to check on Sunday (wanting to wait for another couple of days with daytime temps in 20's and the lows this Fr-Sat-Sun into single digits at night before I venture out onto ice.

I live in Glenwood and was planning on checking a few locations and also waiting until I heard more in area regarding ice conditions.


Does it count as ice fishing if I'm sitting in a boat?

Found about 2-3 inches of ice.  Caught 3 bass 15-17 inches at a farm pond North of Red Oak Ia.

I checked a silt pond by Avoca yesterday.  About three inches of not so good ice.

i am down here in nw missouri and went out all day yesterday and today as well.  ice was pretty good today 3" of good ice and between 2.5 and 2 and 3/4 yesterday but was good solid ice.  three good whacks with the spud would not break thru so good enuf form me.  hammered gills and crappies on farm ponds.


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