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"re: tip -up quick -strike rig
« on: Dec 16, 2002, 06:34 AM »
:'(  tie a small snap swivel to the end of your tip- up line. to switch a terminal rig, slide the rig on or off the snap. quick- strike rigging , as most of you know by now , consists of hooks rigged in tandem from 2" apart ( small baits and tiny hooks for predators like walleyes) to as much as 5" apart ( big baits and bigger hooks for pike). the trail hook, or hook closest to the tip-up , is nicked into the bait at about the dorsal fin, while the hook at the end of your line is nicked in just behind the head of the bait. hook lively baitfish so they swim down and away from the rigging - the end treble behind the head and the top[ treble near the dorsal fin. hook deadbaits slightly farther backtoward the tail . this rigging is legal in most states except minnesota, where youll do 5 to 10 unles you make the rig a lure by adding a spinner above the trail hook. the small (#1) spinner may add to the effectiveness of the bait ,particularly in conjuction with livebait. set the hook as soon as a pike moves ever so slightl away from directly below the hole . its a wonderfully effective commercial rig that i reccomend .if you dont use quick- strike rigging ,a single small treble works better than a single hook . nick one tine of the treble near the dorsal fin of the baitfish.                     "ive spent most of my life fishing , the rest i just wasted "               "bubba"
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