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I made a simple upgrade to my jet sled that anyone can do.  I used a piece of 2x6, 2 eye bolts, a bungee cord, a 1 & 1/8 inch drill bit (I believe), a tape measure and permanent marker to make a ruler, and a piece of metal on the end to put the fishes nose against for a quick and accurate measurement.  Not in the picture I added 2 eye bolts to the front and made the pull rope much longer so I could put it over my shoulder and across my chest.


I like the rod holders on your commando toofuss.  Nice set up.  I need to get a 1 man shelter for after work nights.  I got a 7' long Clam honker.  love it but a lot to move, load, set up etc when its just me.   :-\ 

Yep I run the commando when it's just me and an otter Lodge for bigger outtings or when I can drive out. The only thing I don't care for with the commando is the maxx system in it. The rod locker is not big enough

Thinking of rigging up a sportsmans caddy with stereo 12v charging ports and other doo dads that will come to me.


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