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Does anyone wear a personal floatation device?

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just wondering if anybody is wearing a pfd while out on the ice? i am looking at the auto inflate ones. just for a extra measure of protection. :tipup:

Appleman, if it makes you feel more relaxed do it. I bought a couple of the auto inflating waist belts. I could wear them under my coat. A couple of years ago I bought a mustang one piece float suit. It is very warm and keeps the water out if you cinch the wrists and legs etc. Now I feel better and I am not so nervous on thinner ice. I still watch and know cold water kills but I find I enjoy myself more now.
Dont save a few bucks and chance your life.

i just bought a mustang suite this year,and i love it. it is really warm,and will keep u afloat if u go trough. totally worth the money.

It seems like some good insurance. I just didnt know how many used them. thanks for the replys

I have used a regular pfd underneath my snow suit whenever i have fished on 3"  or less.. Never fell thru but it did give me some comfort. Hear the pfd snow suits are top notch but come with a nice price. Def worth the investment if you have the change.


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