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Thanks guys! Whenever you're all going to be out there, I'd love to bring a photographer and tag along. I'll be back in Laramie on Jan. 10. Anytime after that would be great. I can't pm on this, so if you want to shoot me an e-mail, it's [email protected].

Chrys, welcome to the Wyoming Iceshanty and thanks in advance for the coverage, btw, after 5 posts, you'll be able to pm here, again, welcome. Don       LT   Wyoming Iceshanty Moderator  :icefish:

I am 21 years old going to school in Laramie originally from Casper.. I have a gas auger tip ups and quite a bit of other stuff ... I guide fly fisherman durin the summers and live to ice fish during the winter.. I am a walleye guy but realy I just like to catch fish! Big fish are even better ;) .. I have been trying to figure hattie out but its been bending me over hard since it iced up .. We did extremely well with flies the 3 weeks before it froze and now i cant catch a fish to save my life. So if anyone that is in the same boat or actually knows the lake i would love to figure it out!

Willie Forbes

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   Hey Adam here, Iam 35 live just west of Cheyenne with my wife and 2 great kids . We fish ,hunt, ride, camp and enjoy every we can outdoors . I've in lived Lamamie, Rawlins and Cheyenne, and fish as much as I can where I can. Realy likeing the glendo thing but will try about any where ! I usally have my dad with me and between the two of us we got augers, tip ups, jiging rods, huts, and the main thing a good time every time way of thinking ! Hope to see some of you out there. :)

would be happy if i could find someone to split gas with this weekend to go to glendo...any takers please let me know.live in cheyenne and have flexable hours.


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